New to Elgg recommended by a friend is there any video documentation

Hi All Elgg was recommended by a friend in favour of other sites which I have used before, Im not a tech in this area normally and wanted to know if there was any video documentation yet to guide me through this.

I need a site constructing quickly as there is pressure to do this right now and my eyes are not so good so it will take me a while. I just wondered if there was anyway to shortcut this or if I could pay anyone to do the administration to get things moving quickly.

The site is and is meant to be a free website for foreigners old and new coming and living in China.  Here is a very different place and we need to help each other every day in order for foreigners to live and retire here.

Anyway nice to meet you all I just thought I would ask to see if there is anyway  to get things running then learn once we had the site in place.


PS We installed the basic Elgg on and just wanted to find out if we can clone or copy that site to the once its running. I have used Joomla before and we used joomla cloner but that was a long time ago and things have changed so much these days I just wanted to know if Elgg had a similar setup.