Elgg 1.8 ?

I'm looking for some opinions and perhaps testing experiences on Elgg v1.8 ? We're considering going live with Elgg.1.8 for some of our elgg-sites.. The tests I've done myself (on XAMPP) seems to show v1.8 as being rather cool stuff. I will be loading some of out newer live elgg-sites with v1.8 sometime soon. I wonder if the Elgg Team have some soon in the future date to certify v1.8 for open release ??

  • @Cash

    re: "..not been released yet so you cannot judge plugin compatbility yet..."

    Apologies if my comments' phrasing sounded off - I was just sounding off my thoughts from preliminary investigations.

    The more I delve into v.1.8's features, changes, code structure style, the more I feel that perhaps there may be quite a lot to learn/un-learn/re-learn. v.1.8 seems true-to-name -> API has not too many hard changes -- mostly more of (powerful-er) "extended" function calls available, but the theming/ layout in some instances blows the mind away - so much of what just has to be enhanced flexibility for the presentation layer.. it's almost heart-flapping excitementz.

    I did notice some "bugs of sorts" with some functions (eg. Groups World gives me a WSOD ;- I'll have to investigate more to determine if it is a real bug or just my imstallation, though I have not done anything 'strange' or adventurous so far) - which makes me wonder how come there's no one reporting much...

    I'm trying to gear-up to do a simple variation theme - color scheming, page layouts, 'sidebar' mods and so on..

    I look forward (if the "Docs" allow me to face the "stress lolz;-) to more news on the progress of v.1.8

  • The more I play around in depth with v.1.8 - the less time I spend on other stuff ;-)

    Got a raw xref of views/callers done - now to masage the reports to figure how to make it bounce back some useful design, theming information for the DDS-Q....1.8 theme ;-)

    Anyone interested with 1.8 in a similar-like fashion, just PM me and maybe we can share/ collaborate/ whateverz to bring ouit something interesting and/or useful in near 1.8 future.