Page Headings

I'm trying to figure out how to change the Font Color on the Page Headings without changing the default font color for the whole site.  For instance, when you go to Blogs, Your Blog displays in the maincontent panel.  I would like to change the font color of "Your Blog" as well as all the other headings/titles.  Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

  • css files.

    If you end up changing other things that you don't want to, edit the code to change the class names of the things you want to change colour of then add new class to the css.

  • Thanks.  I have edited the css files to change most everything else, but I can't seem to find anywhere in the default CSS to change these Headings.  How would I go about creating a new class for the Headings I am talking about?

  • This might help you


    But, I would like to advise you to create a plugin and then make the changes, keeping the core Elgg codes intact.

  • normally headings are declared using tags h1, h2, h3 etc... throughout the elggsite, if you want to change the heading color of blog, look into the blog plugin, assign a class to the required heading in the code, finally define css, for example "h2" as " .blog_post h2"

  • you can find heading h3 in \mod\blog\views\default\object\blog.php

  • Example

    I've tried editing the color of the headings as well as a bunch of other stuff.  But, I'm not affecting the font color of the Maincontent Box Title/heading/etc.  

    I may not be calling it the right thing, but whatever it is, it displays as black regularly and the only way I can see it is by highlighting it with the cursor.

  • Make sure you turn simple cache off or run upgrade.php after playing with css. The system doesn't automatically pick the new styles up.