User ban by IP

How does one ban a user, using his/her IP?

Thank you.

  • @RPGRealms - couldn't have said it better myself...

  • @RPG & Trajan

    Me too was thinking it all the time :)

    imagine this - Sounds of a lot of dishoom dishhooommm... while the poor rozval looking both sides pathetically... from where do my help come :(

    But it never comes hehehehe :P .... Dishooom DIshooommmm.... goes on :P

    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

    Dishhooommmm Dishhhooommm :P

  • Rosval's php trick will work just as well. We did consider doing it that way..

    LOLZ guys thx for your support for an old coder.

    Old coders do not just die. they go to coding shores of wonder. hahahahahahhhhhhhh.

    ps: for little dave - we do prevent attacks madharchodh ;-)

  • @Dave we have 18 deny's in the .htaccess. file.

    Elgg has 103 lines in the .htaccess file. Maybe you should direct your complaints of .htaccess code to the elgg code team and see what they say.

    If you do not think this is a wise way to keep creeps off a site what in your infinite dancing in circles wisdom is your solution.

    You have talked the talk now give us and Elgg your infinite wisdom and instead of attacking just print your solution. ?????????????????????????????????????????? we await your words

  • MJ did mean dinky-doo-dave;-) LOLZ

  • Yes I ment @dave. I edited it sorry about that RPG

     also deny should be used as the ultimate last resort as you must keep in mind that 99% of all users are on dynamic ip's

  • Juipo

    well said guys,  htaccess is the way to go, sometimes you have to deny the whole country (depending on certain factors) as it is not worth the trouble. On one of my sites I had to swith to Allow only USA as list of denied countries/ip's was just too long and it did not matter as it is cellphones/USA wireless carriers niche site anyway. Sorry Dave you lost on this one man.

    BTW does anyone knows where is Yak-Yakity-Yakiv???  he would be perfect for this discussion (or any other) he could join Dave in "infinite dancing in circles wisdom" and not really try to HELP anyone but rather attack ones that do try to help.  I miss that guy lolz;.....he was so much fun

  • Anyone know why the site was unavailable for the last 4 hours.. he he he ;)