How to debug Elgg beyond index.php? Please help.


I'm trying to setup Elgg debugging in Aptana Studio as PHP Web Page using Zend debugger.
So far I can get it working to the point that a debug session can stop at break-points I put in the root index.php.
But the debug session does not stop at any other break-points in other pages. Instead, once the index.php is done (let it run to the end) the debug session basically just terminated.  The 'Debug All Pages'
checkbox is checked.

People on the internet and Zend knowledge base hinted it has something to do with Path Mapping, and I believe that's the problem, too and further complicated probably because Elgg uses mod_rewrite rules?
Does anyone have experience setting this up?  Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.


  • I really doubt that the rewrites make any difference.

    Can you put a break point in engine/start.php which is loaded by index.php and have it stop there?