Editing existing plugins


I've been building my first elgg site for the past month or so and have edited a few plugs to give my site a little more custom functionailty. The main change I made was to edit a plug to make it simply an html notepad style thing for putting embed code from stuff like soundcloud & youtube, etc.

In order to fit embedded youtube vids in my widget I had to extend the right column of widgets to 480px - It was also my intention to have the messageboard widget in this column but as it stands it looks a little naff.

The text input area is still the same size as when the widget was its original width - I would really like it to extend to the new width of the column but cannot seem to find how to do it. I was hoping someone in this forum would be able to guide me in the right direction cos although I have been quite lucky in coding and editing elgg so far - I am still a total newbie & I feel this might be the hurdle my luck runs out on =S

Thanks in advance