Display tools in different pages

Hi there!

I've installed many tools, but now I would like to organize all these a little...

How can I do to distribute the tools to 3 different pages?

For example, I would like to merge in the same page (page1 for instance): activity, blogs & contacts. So, I could be delete the tools links and replace by my page1 link? In fact, I do not want really merge tools but meet few tools widgets in the same place such as dashboard...

How can I do that?

Thanks for all!

  • Sounds a little confusing as the tools menu is supposed to be a quick reach feature. It would take some serious work to do what you're asking. Not necessarily difficult, just time consuming.

    Although maybe not so relevant, you could try looking at other menu types such as the mini_fisheye or the canvas_menu.

  • Thanks Trajan, but fish eye or canvas does not fit my needs unfortunately...

    In fact, I want to distribute widgets in 3 different pages.  To summarize, I want 3 different dashboard.

    How can I do that? Maybe copy the dashboard script and make a plugin?

  • Give me a bit more information...what is the reason behind having 3 different dashboards? If I can see more of the puzzle it's easier.

  • Ok, thx Trajan, I will try to be more explicit...

    By default, only one dashboard is provided. I want 3 different dashboards but not using tabs such as this plugin (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/mrsdonovan/read/493094/tabbed-dashboard-andor-profile-v20) but 2 others "reals" dashboards at the same level than the first one.

    Why? In order to distribute the widgets to these 3 dashboards and lock these, like that users could not modify their place. Also, I will remove the tools menu...

    I want to separate tools to 3 different "worlds", so my widgets have to be separate also...


    Apple: 1 dashboard with mac widget, ipod widget

    Unix: 1 dashboard with ubuntu widget, debian widget and fedora widget

    Windows: 1 dashboard with xp widget, 7 widget and mobile widget

    By clicking on the widget, users access to the tools.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Ok, I understand. Can you give me more information please. Are you planning to have 3 different types of users? (Mac users, Unix users & Windows users) So depending on your usertype you go to a certain dashboard?

    Is this the kind of thing you're thinking about?

    You can do this with if...else statements calling session user's usertype and displaying a widget. 

    So you don't need to deal with 3 dashboards you can do it with 1. 

  • No, I want the 3 dashboards for every users.

    How can I add 2 more dashboards?

  • up...

    Thank you for your answer!

  • no short way. you'd need to modify several views and clone the dashboard and its context with different names, make links, also modify checks for the 'dashboard' context. kinda heavy modification.


  • Ok thx Darkwing Duck, I'll try to do that and post the plugin if I succeed ;)