friend request notification not run!!!!????


when a user add a other user(friend request from Jerome bakker) it comes a mail:

A will be a friendship with you! Klick this Link and log in........

Ok this runs, but the user request the comes no notification

Hello, you and A know friends!!!!


What i must do that fix this problem????????



  • >>>>>>>IMPORTANT<<<<<<<<<

    Jerome has a solution for the missing reqeust by a new friend!!!!

    Go to the mod/freind_request/start.php

    Go to line 44

    make before return false; this //

    When user add a other user they became a notification mail. Thes other user request the friendship.

    The User became a notification

    You and  XY be now freinds!

    The notification is 'friend:newfriend:subject' and 'friend:newfriend:body' handeld in the main language file.....