probelme with installation

i d'ont speak english   ....:)

I'm new in your community
I just downloaded and uploaded elgg in my website to install.
the first stage all .. spent many successful connection in BDD. (data base)
in 2nd stage installation bloked with error message is "Your data directory / www / up / me / is not writable. "

I tried several times to create the folder and give the permission "chmod 777 .. 755 .." "but it's still not ..

I would like to know how to poursuive installations. .

Thank you in advance:)



  • There are many reasons why PHP might not be able to write to a data directory, from open basedir restrictions to SELinux. The folder permissions are often just a small part of the puzzle.

    Unfortunately these reasons are server specific. I suggest that you ask your hosting provider:

    "What do I do to allow PHP to write to this directory?"

    Good hosting providers will help as the question is not actually application specific.

  • Thank you for the reply

    I was successful install  :)