A a couple of bugs...

Hi Kevin,

I have a 1.6.2 site and form created for geotagging places, I want to move to 1.7.1 and beyond, however, when I upgrade the site the listings show, however, when any attempt to either "edit" or "add" content on that form it goes to a white screen. 

If I make a new form, the things allows  "add" and "edit"  content as usual (it happened from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2 as well).  I have too many listings for a manual transfer now, and this is clearly a bug. (the flexprofile and flexgroupprofile forms are fine... it only effects user content forms).

Apart from the bug above, I would really like to see the following, and would be willing to fund this  (please pm me with an idea of the cost):

  1. It would hugely be useful if it were possible to copy/export the User Content and other forms for use in another installation.
  2. It would be great to have the option to have the "email user content when created" and "save to database" simultaniously (currently it is one or other).  If the form could be compiled into a pdf on the way this would be excellent.
  3. Another very useful feature that seems to be missing is some form of rss feed for new user content.

Is it possible for the the flex group and flex profile plugins to import the standard elgg profile fields and either use them or not rather like the other profile plugin?



  • Hi Mark,

    I'm puzzled by your white screen problem as I have not seen that reported before. Do you have any relevant messages in your PHP error log? It definitely sounds like it could be a problem with the plugin and I would like to fix it if I can get more information.

    I'll send you an email on the other features you mentioned.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for picking this up quickly.  I have re-uploaded the latest plugin... it still does it.  As far as php errors go, I am still mystified as to how to view them.  I sent you the output from the  .htaccess error reporting function/ debug plugin, but you said that was not enoug.  If it is quicker to give you access to my site, let me know and I'll pm you the ftp details etc.



  • I have emailed you about the PHP error log as well. This depends upon your server.

  • Just for other viewers of this thread, it turned out that Mark had a broken form on both the original site and the migrated site. In particular, a field had been deleted from the site without being deleted from the form.

    The newer versions of Elgg appear to be less forgiving and (quite properly) generated a fatal error when the non-existent field was accessed.

    I have no idea how this could have happened as the form plugin deletes a field from all the forms it is on before deleting the field itself.

    In any case, I have added some additional sanity checking to check for and ignore missing fields.

    This seems to have fixed Mark's problem.


  • Kevin,

    Many thanks for looking into this problem for me... and hopefully it will help others too, albeit rarely?



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Form and related plugins

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