users with non default avatar appears to be online when i click member page


When I click user world member or friend page from my admin account, the users who have changed their avatar / profile page, appears to be online but they are not actually online.

Any Solution for this bug????

  • Faisal, Elgg's default session will persist for around 6more minutes even after the last user activity/logout. That may cause the problem.

    Regards,Team Webgalli

  • Thanks Guys of Team Webgalli for reply.

    Well the problem is that when only I am  online and there is no one else online at moment and When I click tools>members (url = [elgg root]/mod/members/index.php ),  the users who have changed their profile pic appears to be online but in actual they are not online. I can see this false online friends from my elggchat 1.7.  But when I sms/text my those friends that are they really online? They confirm to me that they aren't. I mean they really confirm and not lying as they are testing the site.

    Same thing happens when I click Popular tab (url = [elgg root]/mod/members/index.php?filter=pop )

    So can you figure out where is the bug?

    I think that there is a bug and online code for users is triggered  who have changed their profile pic.

    I have this problem when i am using admin user.

    Does anybody else facing the same problem?

  • I have confirmed that this thing only happens with users with admin rights

    Any solution???

  • I am still facing the above mentioned problem.

    Does someone have an answer?

  • Have you checked if the problem also occurs when all non-core plugins are disabled? Maybe the bug is not in Elgg 1.7.1 but in a plugin. Are all users with non-default profile pics shown or only your friends? I'm just guessing here as I haven't noticed this issue myself, but maybe the users shown as online have something else in common apart from the non-default profile pics. Being your friends might be such a thing they have in common and maybe a plugin interferes here. For example elggchat checks which of your friends are online and maybe it shows all your friends online all the time regardless if they are or not. Or some other plugin may lead to this result.

  • This problem is not only with friends. It is with all users who have changed their profile pic. And I have noticed this problem from admin user only.

    The online users appear in 03 places.

    1. /mod/members/index.php?filter=active. Also active users appears at bottom of page /pg/admin

    2. elggchat for 1.7

    3. Header Menu with online users by Uddhava Dasa

    And one thing that users get active after clicking /mod/members/index.php?filter=pop or /index.php?filter=newest

    To check this problem with only core plugin, I will install a new copy of elgg1.7.1 in new folder. But I think that the problem is with members plugin.



  • I haven't tested elggchat for 1.7 yet. But I'm also using the Header menu plugin and this plugin definitely doesn't show all users with non-default profile pics online.

    Have you checked what happens if you disable elggchat? Should be quick to find out without installing Elgg again... and elggchat might be a very likely candidate for your problem, because it polls for users online regularly.

  • @ iionly

    I have disabled elggchat 1.7 and tried. Then disabled chat plugin based on PhpFreeChat 1.3.

    But still getting the same problem. Now I am sure to try replicating this bug on fresh installation and will inform when I am done.


  • @ iionly

    You are right. There is no problem in elgg with core plugins. The problem in my site occured after installation of some misconfigured plugin. I will find it out after adding all plugins of my site to the new copy of elgg.