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What's the use having an application like this with developers using their brains to rip off unsuspecting, mere mortals such as myself? I've paid for 2 themes now, then after a couple weeks, these developers cannot be found. I suppose that's what Open Source to the next idiot to lose his money!!!!!

  • 3rd party plugins and themes are unrelated to Elgg core, which is completely open and available for free.  If you are having problems with plugins that you download from this site, please send me a message or use the "Report this" link on the side menu to report the plugin and author.

  • Bajan4ever has bought a theme from Juipo Designs (who seems have lost his Internet;-) but is unable to get hold of him for some questions. Bajan4ever has trouble getting an image to display on the home page. No one else who bought that theme seems to have the same issue but bajan4ever expects freehelp4ever and screams "scammer", "rip-off"... Similar to how some of vazco's past clients have accused vazco because vazco was too busy supporting his other clients' projects. Is it reasonable and fair of bajan4ever to demand and expect a high level of support after paying a few dollars...?

  • In all fairness...directly after purchasing and installing this theme, i had some issues that were resolved almost immediately by Juipo Designs. Everything was great!! Weeks later, after checking on the site again i noticed the image had dissappeared and everything else was outta whack. How does something like this happen? Was the site hacked? Do you have protocols in place to prevent something like this from happening? Now after uninstalling and reinstalling countless times, i've decided to install yet another plugin, Siteaccess, thankgully. You should see some of the email names requesting to be validated!!!! Vicious!!

    This is NOT the first theme i've purchased and then not getting the support. I can mention the SocialezMe theme for instance. Again, as a mere mortal, a "few dollars" to you developers, are thousands to me. So yes! I DO expect a high level of support.

    Freehelp4ever? Lost his Internet? Pleeeeze!!!!!! I can't live without the Internet and i don't develop crap!!!


  • oki ;-) but you did start off with a few harsh words lolz... sometimes developers are hard to get hold of... ;-( and yes sometimes developers are lazy, too busy, engaged in work overload,.... patience.. we cannot always judge accurately.

  • @Bajan It sounds like there might be some confusion between 3rd party plugins, official plugins, and who is responsible for what.  

    Plugins that are included with the zip fil from are officially supported by Elgg's core dev team.  Plugins downloaded from anywhere else are not supported by the devs who create Elgg, but might be supported by the people who created those plugins.  As Dhrup mentioned, support varies greatly amongst 3rd party plugin devs.

    As for being hacked, I don't understand what you mean.  Elgg strives to be secure and there are no outstanding security exploits that I know of.  Insecurely written 3rd party plugins could introduce exploits that affect your entire Elgg installation.  It is the responsibility of the person installing these plugins to evaluate their security.  Like Vazco said, if you don't trust the dev, it's not a good idea to install his plugin!

  • Furthermore, if your site is out of whack it may well be because you've recently enabled a plugin that has caused your theme to break. Most theme devs will tell you to place the theme plugin at the bottom of the plugin yours there or is something else below it? 

    Have you upgraded your site from 1.5/1.6.1 to 1.7+ after installing the theme? (Some themes aren't multi-version compatible)

    P.S. losing internet connection is a reality. It happens. Try living in China where it takes a week to setup a new internet connection, and ISPs only speak Chinese...It's not a matter of whether you develop code or not. I don't drive a car but I can still get into a car crash.

  • @Trojan..i'm cracking up!!

    @ Juipo...i've calmed down. i'll be contacting you shortly.

    @ Dhrup...I hope Juipo is you buddy...cause you sure as heck do a good job supporting him!!

  • @Bajan,

    So you're a for-real human being lolz ;-) Yep he's my buddy and on my Elgg $Team, I told him about you last nite.. Just don't expect attention too too soon because we're behind schedule for a big client ;-)

  • @Trojan..i'm cracking up!!


  • Why not point at the real problem, that you are expecting for pay plugins to be normal to begin with.  There is nothing on this site that is ready for primetime, much less commercial support.  Elgg itself is starting to mature, but none of the plugins are close.  Start by expecting good software and themes that are FREE first.  Then pay for the support instead.  This is the way most good open source software business plans are based.  As long as you think its normal to pay for this unreliable mostly unsupported addons then you are making the first mistake.  I have found personally ever dime wasted on another plugin here could have probably spent better in taking the time to learn Elgg and build your own, or even in donating to Curverider since they seem to have released the most code and none of these "developers" give a dime much less a bug fix to keep the core going.

    Oh and as to the comments redirecting you to these other "for pay" sites such as elggdev, or elggexchange, first off Curverider has said that they would rather 3rd party sites not use the Elgg name in their sites and misrepresenting to users their connection to Elgg, and your mostly wasting your time.  I have not found a single "for pay" plugin developer that is in any way responsive to the support needed for commercial implementations or encouraging the highest quality software to be made available.  You can always play the old microsoft FUD game and listen to these boastings and braggings about future features possible "if you want to pay" while ignoring needs of the users, or just give up and encourage a change in the community.

    Everything should not be about money first.  Quality should come first, then things like the trust and money will happen.  Quality is lacking.