New release 0.83

A number of people have asked for a list of upcoming events that does not use the monthly calendar, and here it is!

There are also a few bug fixes as described below.

From the Change log:

Fixed a bug that prevented region filtering with embedded blanks from working properly (thanks Patrick!).

Added a new paged view for events (not month specific) that allows adding/removing events to a calendar with one click.

Fixed some issues with the personal event calendar widget.

  • Trajan, I'm not sure either but the most likely cause of your problem is that the line:

    $start_ts = strtotime($start_date);



    is returning an empty string.

    Why that might be I do not know.

  • It can be the same error for me Kevin ?

  • I also have Profile_Manager running and I'm aware that they deal with timing issues differently? I'm loathe to disable P_M as my site is live and I don't want anything funky to happen.

    Would another plugin dealing with time in a different way possibly cause this issue?

    I've never had a problem with Event Calendar before. Only since I moved to 1.7.1 and this host (HostGator).

    Thanks for your time.

  • Trajan,

    profile manager includes its own jquery date picker and yes this can cause problems.

  • ok thanks, I'll see what I can come up with. If I find a solution I'll post it back here.

  • I am very interested if you found the problem.

    i work  to this, and i say you if i found a solution ;)

    But i am not an exceptionnal programer

  • hello,

    thanks kevin for this great plugin!

    I have the following (small) problem...

    My site is in italian, some browsers automatically translate date picked in italian, and in this way plugin doesnt work...

    take a look at this screenshoot:

    what can i do? force browser, or maybe something else?

    thx in advance


  • omar, I've no experience in getting jQuery widgets to work in other languages.

    Does anyone else have any advice?

  • So far, the plugin works fine with me...I have a question...can you at some point add event categories and make it possible to add a few different my case normal fees, student fess and senior fees...

    Thanks mate!

  • In event_calendar dates are displayed like below. Anybody know how to change the dateformat?

    I had the same problem with friendly_time and in blog, but got it solved with setlocale. Can't make it work in event_calendar.

    Translation of the month name is the problem.

    event_calendar/view/ 25 Aug 2010 - 26 Aug 2010