New plugins with release 0.87

In addition to updated versions of the five previous plugins, this release adds two more.

The profile nagger works with flexprofile and allows you to remind users to fill out certain profile items (the exact items can be specified in the plugin settings).

The idea is that a site admin would add this as a default dashboard widget to remind the user to fill out certain profile items.

This works nicely with the flexreg plugin - you can make certain registration fields mandatory, and others you can nag about using the nagger widget.

The workshops plugin uses flexgroupprofile to transform your Elgg group system into a conference workshop organising tool. This plugin was funded by the Clean Clothes Campaign.  It changes the group search system, adds timeslots as a group profile field, changes a lot of nomenclature (groups become workshops), adds a workshop widget and more.

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

User-generated content, flexible user and group profiles, registration forms, custom file forms