New release 0.87

This is a major new release with several bug fixes and many new features.

I'll post a message soon with more details, but for now, here is the new bit of the CHANGES.txt file:

Changes for release 0.87

Changed the flexreg confirmation link over-ride so that it works with Elgg 1.7.

Removed one last bit of experimental code accidentally left in for 0.86.

Fixed a bug that prevented completely deleting the content of a profile field when a user edited a profile.

Form delete action now forwards to the correct page.

Added access control to search forms.

Added the ability to mail to user search results (needs the message_queue plugin).

Added an over-ride to the RSS group profileitems view to fix a bug in Elgg 1.7.

Over-rode some profile link views to prevent showing profile edit
links to logged-out users. (Seems to be a server-dependent core Elgg bug?)

Stopped adding a username field in the standard registration display if autousername is turned on.

Added 'group_profile_category_'.str_replace(" ","_",$vars['entity']->group_profile_category
class to group icons div if group_profile_category is defined for that group.
Eg. group_profile_category_mycategory
This makes it possible to set the icon through CSS depending upon the category.

Added 'user_profile_category_'.str_replace(" ","_",$vars['entity']->user_profile_category
class to user icons divs if user_profile_category is defined for that user.
Eg. user_profile_category_mycategory
This makes it possible to set the icon through CSS depending upon the category.

In addition, added the icon size as a class for both group and user icon div wrappers.

Form and related plugins

Form and related plugins

User-generated content, flexible user and group profiles, registration forms, custom file forms