Videolist plugin version 1.8

Hello developers. I looked into trunk directory of plugins. There is a videolist plugin. And it seems like you are working on it. I tested this plugin. And now I have some questions.

As I can see plugin adds videos by url and directly search on youtube and others.

Youtube has redesigned their website and the url option is no longer provided by youtube and vimeo. So it is really difficult for my user to add videos from vimeo. Ok on youtube I can simply copy the url from browser and than add it into my videolist. But most my users try to add embed code that is provided by vimeo youtube and others.

Of course users can search videos directly with search funktion. But this is usability question. I can say less than 2% of my users use this function.

My question is: Could you make simple add videos by embed code? Like IZAP video plugin?

  • Why not just using izaps ?

  • There is actually some duplicated functionality between videolist and ECML. (ECML is an attempt at token-based easy embedding.)

    Video list has been integrated with the embed plugin so that you can easily search all your added videos and embed them with a click.  No such front end has been created in ECML yet, but the plan is to allow for embedding as you describe above with ECML.

  • Looking forward to ECML.

    @elHayaze keep it as simple as possible. IZAP is to overloaded. Vor education based sites maybe a choise. But for sozial networks... hmm. Who can beat youtube?

  • once more IZAP runs well on dedicated servers... not so schared hosting.

    Why should I by an dedicated server to start up my network? For the future yes only dedicated server but for first time. no need.

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