Riverdashboard All tab

is it possiable to remove "all" from the river dashboard so that members can only see their friends update and post?


its really urgent please help me!!!

  • @ ibrahim - here is some screenshots below

    First how the user see it.


    After the user has chosen his friends dashboard.


    Exactly the same as normal river dashboard but I took out the "all" tab and also it doesn't show anything until the user choose either the "mine" or "friends" tab which then displays the chosen content.

    Check it out in action at here. You can use the user: elgg01 passw: 654321123456

  • urz iz not working as mine is working i checked urz!

  • mine show friends without clicking on anything!!

  • Do you have a link or something that can be checked out?

    But as i said I did the steps i described above and that gave me the results I have now. What ver Elgg you are running?

  • @jacque u can register on my site www.xtremecom.info and check it over there and im running 1.7.1! if u want my dashboard then it will cost u!

  • @ ibrahim khan, thanks for the offer but i were never looking for a new dashboard lol, have mine exactly how i want it and want to keep it that way ;-)

    As for your site, I went there and when trying to register get an "form is missing_token or_ts field"....something like that! Tried it on both IE and FireFox. Also when i click on register in FireFox the box that pops up where you need to fill in your info is emty. Instead that info is on the main page where i have to fill it in. But in IE it is in the box, bit as mentioned above i get the error.

  • @ibrahim khan

    I too had a look at your site,

    In firefox

    what kind of index have you got there ? do you think people will register with such an index ?

    In Opera

    I still tried registering,  I also got a "form is missing_token or_ts field" error while registering

    Your login box is blank no space to enter the login credentials, you get the forgot only when you scroll with control pressed (zoom out)

    In IE

    Your login box is blank no space to enter the login credentials and Forgot is way far at the right corner

    In chrome& Safari

    the index has an Login, register and forgot buttons and works thank god

    But in any of these browsers you cant log in because the email validation is never ever sent

    This is an open source community where people help each other.. cant you see how things work here ?

    first fix your own site then try to sell off things and be rude


    HaPPy ElGGinG

    "Do GooD"

    As we enjoy great advantages from inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.
    - Benjamin Franklin


  • lol

    @jaxcatz i agree with you 100% there.

  • @jaxcatz...down boy!! lol. Spoken truely, I didn't know you had it in ya!

    @Ibrahim - we share here. If you wanna charge people money sure, but you won't get much. What most people do is make a GPL version of whatever they've come up with and then a commercial version.

    P.S. - echo jaxcatz works in chrome (luckily)

    P.P.S - save yourself a headache and thank stoney for this

  • hey guyz im not of that type but i was i need of some money to buy something thats why i thought that i can sell it off and about my site itz just beta version not available for public and is under construction so thats the problem .......im testing my site using chrome thats why it works perfectly on chrome! :p