Riverdashboard All tab

is it possiable to remove "all" from the river dashboard so that members can only see their friends update and post?


its really urgent please help me!!!

  • Have a look here my123day . User:elgg01 Passw:654321123456 Login with that user and look at my dashboard. I have removed the all tab. Is this what you are looking to do? I have made it to only have the  "mine" & "friends" tab. Also after i have removed the "all" tab i saw that it showed all the entries until you clicked on one of the mine or friends tab. So i changed something so it shows nothing until the user clicked on on of the two. It solved the problem of everything showing up even though i got rid of the "all" tab.

  • Jacque that looks great, how did you do that?

  • Anyone else here can please get me out of this trouble? i want it urgently! can anyone tell me how to get this just by editting the present riverdashboard plugin!(elgg 1.7.1)

  • Finally got the Solution guyz!! anyone want to get this contact me !! 

  • @ ibrahim khan can we see how yours looks?

    @ bkaufman have a look here

    Okay its very easy - modified the riverdashboard mod. 3 things I did.

    Fistly head of to elgg/mod/riverdashboard/views/riverdashboard/default/riverdashboard/nav.php There look for a section that they show entries for all entities-"all", "mine" & "friends" I just removed all two occasions were the "all" was and the lines with that.


    $allselect = ''; $friendsselect = ''; $mineselect = '';
        switch($vars['orient']) {
            case '':        $allselect = 'class="selected"';
            case 'friends':        $friendsselect = 'class="selected"';
            case 'mine':        $mineselect = 'class="selected"';


    $friendsselect = ''; $mineselect = '';
        switch($vars['orient']) {
            case 'mine':        $mineselect = 'class="selected"';
            case 'friends':        $friendsselect = 'class="selected"';

    First is done. Now the 2nd thing. Right underneath the first block you edited you will find: Edit the line i underlined:

    <div class="contentWrapper">
       <div id="elgg_horizontal_tabbed_nav">
              <li <?php echo $mineselect; ?> ><a onclick="javascr............

              <li <?php echo $friendsselect; ?> ><a onclick="javascri............


    i took out onclick= from that line. So you should end up with something like this for that line:

    <li <?php echo $mineselect; ?> ><a "javascript:$('#river_container').loa..........

    Now the last thing. In elgg/mod/riverdashboard/index.php

    Check line 69 (the one i underlined)

    switch($orient) {
                case 'mine':
                                $subject_guid = $_SESSION['user']->guid;
                                $relationship_type = '';
                case 'friends':    $subject_guid = $_SESSION['user']->guid;
                                $relationship_type = 'friend';
                default:        $subject_guid = 0;
                                $relationship_type = '';

    All I did was change 0 to 1 and looks like this:

    default:        $subject_guid = 1;

    Don't know if stetp 2 is necessary as i tried it because even when I removed the "all" tab it still showed all the content in the "mine" field intil you click on one of the 2 tabs. So I tried that so as to show it already not needing to click it to not show "all" the stuff. Then I did the 3rd step and that showed no content before clicking - removing my problem that all showed up still before I actually clicked the mine or frinds tab.

    And finished. Please use this at your own risk.I accept no responsibility if anything goes wrong, I am just experiementing but i can confirm that I still did not have any problems caused by this. Make backups before attemting anything! Sure there is a better way but hey it worked for me! ;-)

    Enjoy and let me know when you finish so I can have a look ;-)

    Hope it works for you and goodluck!



  • No problem - let me know if it works out for you ;-)

  • the $subject_guid = 0  means all site objects.

  • @jacque can u first show me how urz look like???