Left Panel Navigation - How is it done ?

Dear group,

I had a recent invite to visit demo.egg.com , very impressive left panel navigation ( replacing the top bar) . Any clues as to how this is done .. or is it some next version trial design ?

My initial impression is a new CSS , is this right? Any help is really appreciated


  • v.1.8 (SVN) feature - you might want to try and download from code.elgg.org/elgg/trunk/ ;-)

  • Thanks DhrupJi .. for your instant help as ever .. Cheers Mate.. 

    Didn't realise that  elgg team is testing it out. sent me an invite and the second time disabled my registration ,

    Very impressive new design I should say.. will look forward to it.. 


  • This is a theme that's being built as part of 1.8.  The default 1.8 theme (which is what's in SVN trunk right now) is closer to the traditional Elgg design.

    @Jaypee - If you received an invite but weren't able to sign in, please contact info@elgg.com and let them know.

  • Very nice theme on the demo site. The profile looks a lot more organized.

  • @Brett

    I kinda did notice that the SVN code I installed looks like the traditional menu system. However since your mention of the new theme for 1.8.. after a few days.. this light bulb popped on inside my synaptic pathways. I reckon there *is a way to overwrite the siderBar menus at will. Of course a new Plugin is needed - trap the pageDraw @ the sidebar and do as one pleases. I'm gonna look into this some more - because for those who will still stay with < 1.8 for some time span, such a feature coud be useful..