form is missing __token or __ts fields on mp3 upload

I am using elgg 1.7 and whenever I attempt to upload an mp3 through the files plugin I get this error. Images upload ok as well as documents, I tried upgrading to 1.7.1 and this did not resolve the issue. Other plugins designed to upload audio specifically have the same error, any ideas?

  • @Brett As I understand, "form is missing __token or __ts fields" message (actiongatekeeper:missingfields) is not provided to show that upload_max_filesize value is preventing file for being uploaded.

    I am looking for a way to detect that the file going to be uploaded is larger than upload_max_filesize and notice user about it.

  • I understand.  Yes, this is not the correct error message in the case of an oversized file.  The file plugin's upload action will need to be changed to check for this.  IIRC Tidypics does this for images, so some of the code could be borrowed for files.