Tidypics Wishlist

Mentioned so far:

  1. Better uploading
  2. Lightbox
  3. Tagging like Facebook
  4. Better/configurable activty pushes with photos


  • Sitewide group settings : )

  • 1.) Lightbox, combined with

    2.) Being able to toggle the "download" button On/Off (at any access level) would be a great addition to functionality for this plugin and help make Elgg as a whole fantastic solution for photo intensive communities where images are viewed, commented on, and/or rated; not downloaded...  Elgg is a fantastic social networking platform, and I actually think this option should be built into Elgg itself giving it a broader appeal; not to make it more restrictive, but to actually open it up to a broader array of project types.

  • Well, the download link is not bad if I want to share my photos with my friends, for example. But I noticed: when I create an album with public access level, then I can also download the photos. I would fix it and let only loggedin users or friends download photos.
    So it would be great to have an "download" option that depends from the acces level.

  • @ gleb - I think the default Elgg system already provides for that level of control if I'm correct.  What myself and others are looking for is are more control options over anyone being able to actually download photos.  Professionals working in the fashion, photography, modeling and entertainment industries don't always want their media downloaded.  It could also be a copyright concern, especially for those actually creating the media.  Of course if someone really wanted to steal images without permission they could do so, but actually inviting download should be an option, not a default setting at any access level.  I can't think of any widely used social networking environments where there's an invitation to "download" . 

    I would really like to discuss the merrits of this more with others but I'd also like to respect the Tidypic Team here and stay on topic too...  I'm talking my butt off though cause I think being able to toggle the "download" button on/off is an important issue.  Not just for my project, but for the Elgg community as a whole...

  • Yes I agree! The copyright is a very imopratnt issue. When I wrote about the configurable download option, I also mentioned the possibility to disable the download button for certain photos/albums completely.

  • I would like to see an added access level put into use

    By that I mean something like this

    user A has pictures that that they only want user bbb to see. 

    User A uses a friend picker to say user bbb is the only user or friend that can enter and see that album

    Right now the access levels for ither users to see albums uploaded by user A are

    Private - Meaning only user A can see them

    Logged in Users Only - Meaning anyone that is logged in can see them

    Friends Only - Meaning only your friends on your list can see your album

    Public - Meaning the whole world can see the album

    New access level would be - Select Friends Only -

    I would propose adding a button on the edit album link that allows user A to pick from a list of their friends who has access to that album.

    Hope I explained my item for the wishlist properly

  • @The Father - you should be able to do that right now by creating a friend collection.

  • @Cash - You are correct. I forgot all about that even being there. I completely forgot about collections. Never had a reason to create one. Just tested it and looks good for access level. Now I just need to write a tutorial so that everyone knows how to do this because this was requested from several users.

    Thanks Cash!

  • The ability to choose and crop a album preview image.

  • How about some features from this stuff. ie, thumbnail size slider.


    I usually look to these sites for ideas.






    Are any of these, or could any of these be built into elgg?