Display tools in a box on the dashboard?


I was wondering if there was any way to display the items in the tools menu in a box on the dashboard, e.g. under the "New Wire Post" box when using the river dashboard?

The reason I ask is I think this would be more intuitive for users instead of having to go to the "Tools" menu every time they wanted to do something.

Is this possible?


  • Any decision on whether or not you are going to share the code for the box you created?

  • haha

    i forgot all about this

    so harrd to keep track of what i post on the wire and the "river" is too wide and long... ;-O but i'll get to this (send me a mssg to remind me..) thx

  • I want it now, give it to me now, why know one help me!!!

  • Just curious - why would it be more "intuitive" to put key navigation on a separate page?  It seems to me that this forces users to uhm, navigate to the navigation?

  • I think the riverdashboard should be tabbed, with all the world views. When a user logs in they should have the river there for a summary of site updates then the option to go straight to the different sections all views. Then the tool menu should be a dropdown from the user profile icon, signifying that they will take to their tools. that would be intuitive I think.

  • Nothing against you Dhrup. I have no real idea what your working on. Still waiting to see it myself.

  • sample is on my test site


    I was down with fever for 2 days ;-( so I'm still somewhat light-headed !!;-O)

    @Skot -- Tabbed DashBoard PlugIn will do those tabs  for you -- different tastes ! I only did this for a few giggles the other day - but does show (sometimes) how one can "hack" quite easiiy..

    @Kev -- it does force one doesn't it ? ;-)

  • Thanks Dhrup. No hurry. I hope you feel better soon.

  • @Kevin: I think the tools menu is fine, but non-technical people, e.g. those who use facebook, might expect the navigaton menu to be on the dashboad instead of having to go to the tools menu.

    Basically I think the Elgg navigation system is not particularly user friendly, so I am trying to simplify things...

  • Personally I get a bit frustrated at people getting hung-up on minor irritations.

    It may be uncomfortable to drive long distances in the heat in a vehicle without air-conditioning, but the motor vehicle is still a wonderful machine and I'm pretty sure most of us wouldn't rather walk????

    I would like to raise an issue which maybe doesn't quite fit here, but hopefully it will take away some of the negativity I can sense in the tone of this thread.

    The institution I work for is piloting a Distance and Blended Learning platform and after a great deal of debate elgg supporters persuaded the masses to go with elgg and dump a long standing relationship with Moodle. And I think everyone here knows why.

    However, being a huge elgg fan myself and involved in the Distance Learning project, I was deeply dissapointed and really quite angry when earlier today I learned that a member of staff had decided to revert to Moodle for the delivery of a session, simply because the version of IE we use at work won't allow uploaded files to be opened from within the elgg platform and requires them to be saved before opening.

    Would you go back to using a horse and cart because your car got a puncture or required a fan belt adjustment?