Registration Page

1. click on "register"
2. fill all appropriate info
3. enter wrong captcha image
4. it will re-direct back to home page.

it should keep you on the same page and let you re-enter captcha correct instead of having to input all your registration fields again.

Please help me anyone in this.

  • Hi Viral,

    So, are you experiencing this on your Local host or on server ?

    Coz I had the same on localhost but changed when I put my server on server


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

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  • on server as well as on localhost. If i enter wrong captcha then it redirect to home page instead of it should stay on same page.

  • If you look at the Elgg Ajax discussion you'll see that this seems to be a common situation for elgg in general which they are looking to dea with via Ajax in a future version.