thumbnails & main pics

<!-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-I have just started using tidyoics on my site and have a question about the relationship between the thumbnails and the picture they represent. Both horizontal and vertical rectangular pictures have been uploaded to an album, but the thumbnail is always a square version of the main pic, therefore distorts the contents. When you select a thumbnail, the main picture opens in the correct aspect ratio. How do you make the thumb nail either:

  1. Be the same aspect ratio as the original

  2. Be a square section of the orriginal





  • 1.6.8 includes a fix for the thumbnail aspect issues. They should be a square region from the center of the image. It is very difficult to get a decent layout for an album if the thumbnails have different aspect ratios. All the major photo sites do the same.

    If you are still having thumbnail issues with 1.6.8, please the dimensions of the image causing the problem and what image library you are using with Tidypics. 

  • Thanks for this. I have another question and am wondering if 1.6.8 addesses this as well:

    1. Can the images in the gallery be reorderd so that the thumbnails show their new order?



  • That's a highly requested feature but not implemented yet. It is planned for a future release.