User enters serial number, automatically adds content to profile

Not sure how to describe this, but I'll give it a shot.

I own a trading card company specializing in art cards, sketch cards, things like that.  Along side our company webpage, we're looking to add an Elgg based social media community where fans and collectors of our sets could have individual profiles.

The main reason for this is that each hand drawn sketch card in future sets (about 1000 per set) will have a unique serial number on it.  What we'd like to be able to do is this: when a collector opens a pack of cards and gets their sketch card, they can log in to their profile, enter that code or serial number, and an image of that card automatically gets put on their profile, probably in a photo album.  

The user can then show of their new card easily in messages, posts, whatever.  It would also allow them to easily sell/trade the card.  The new owner of the card would simply reenter the serial number, and a message would be sent to the current owner asking if they did indeed trade/sell it to the new owner.

This is similar to how eTopps works, where users have a profile and a digital database of all their cards.  I believe it's also similar to how Webkinz collectors can register their new 'pets' on their profile.  

So my question is... do you believe this can be done on the Elgg platform?  I've searched the discussions and asked around, can't seem to find anything similar.  

Thanks in advance!

  • @RyLock:-

    I am sure that this can be achieved within Elgg ;-) You may be introducing extaneous external factors here.. I am not quite inviting $commercial work ;-) but I do believe that Elgg core/ base can do the the task ;-) It might just take a little bit of code effort.. that's all ;-O

  • Well that's good to hear. :)  I'd be ok with paying to have it implemented.  Just wanted to make sure it was even possible before setting everything up in anticipation of it working.  

  • I still would like to see the ability to Auto Post into The Wire and Auto Bookmark by API means how people can Auto Post by RSS Feeds to Twitter thru or Twitterfeed. Will someone ever think of this and ever create it??? We need to get something going on this that was the only thing I liked about Statusnet was the API just like Twitter!