NI LF estimates for Elgg projects


I need a ballpark # for an Elgg project. It's a *very* academic community where I anticipate the profiles will be mostly for 'political' reasons and most activity will be pulling files from resources. However the possbility of any member creating a group is a must (and as I understand, very easy with Elgg).

Goodies: It'd be nice to have some Social network analysis capabilities present, as well as 'diagrams/maps' showing everyone's work relationships (live... always available).

This will be a several year project. I am building a case with the directors to use Elgg over Wordpress and such so any argument in that directions would help tremendously. Also, I; d love if in your reply you tell me the right type of questions i need to ask these folks (scholars, I repeat...)  for that ballpark # if what i say here is not enough - and it probably isn't. Also, can you tell me me with and withou hosting (we're not sure if a university will do the hosting) ?; and if you do the hosting, does that include administering it for x years? 




I have emailed some of your more active int he community with details but if you are interested drop a line here with your email address please.

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Professional Services

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