Library Plugin

Hi guys, this one crossed my mind as a plugin. If you've seen then you can probably understand my idea. If not check out the link for it and browse away!

This plugin in its most basic form would allow users to create an object that would get dumped into a public list. Other users could then add one of these objects to their own private list.

The example I came up with is people's book collections. A site could have a public list of books (the object) and users can add the books they own to their own private list (bookshelf).

Adding some of the following would make it even nicer:

  • profile widget - my private list
  • dashboard widget - latest objects added
  • world.php view similar to groups with horizontal tabbed nav - latest, popular, most liked/rated
  • river output for adding new objects to public and/or private list
  • inbuilt categories 
  • commenting
  • listing view - people with most similar objects to you

The extra benefit is that with a simple language file alteration, this could be turned into anything from books to movies to baseball cards to just about anything.

Any thoughts?

  • There's many PHP open source packages out there which handle book cataloguing, etc. I have studied several of these and some may be good candidated for wrapping as an Elgg PlugIn. My own interest here arises from my alpha elgg-site "" which just got migrated from an older shared to a newer dedicated server. This was initially developed for well known European University, but somewhere along the way, the professor who had asked for this seemed to lose interest and cohesiveness of design directions, so I plan to continue the effort I've already spent in developing this concept and the customized PlugIns involved there.