Migrating from Moodle to Elgg?

Hello Folks,

I've very new to Elgg but was turned onto it recently.

My situation is that I teach ESL at a university. I deliver all of my content and conduct all of my classes via Moodle. I am leaving my job soon and wish to offer my students the opportunity to migrate to a new system that will offer them social networking and interactivity and will also allow me to continue to deliver ESL content but in a much more informal environment.

Moodle is great but is really designed to deliver courses and does not really facilitate interactivity the way I envision.

I cannot seem to find any documentation about integrations between Elgg and Moodle that are not several years old.

Is there anything new on this?

Any help on this would be really swell.

Thanks in advance.

  • driftwork,

    we've just finished the module that provides integration of Elgg and Moodle. All courses created in Moodle are accessible to users via Elgg, all appear in the river and have ownership rights, are searchable etc, just like any other Elgg entities. We also have a single sign on system running. Integration of Elgg and Moodle is a really complex task if you want to make it right (our development cost was 1000$ so far and still rising). The most difficult task was to create integration in a way that will allow you to upgrade Elgg and Moodle in the future, and for integration to be secure and compatible with future releases of both platforms.


    After we finish testing the module, we will probably offer it on Elggdev for 150$. If you're interrested in co-funding this project, please let me know at info@elggdev.com or via project's page on Elggdev.com (you have to be logged in to Elggdev to view the page).

    We're also working on a feature-rich e-learning platform for Elgg, fully written in Elgg's architecture.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Now here is something interesting from my Newb perspective.

    I've come on the forum which seems to be designated for 'new users'.

    I've asked a relatively easy question regarding Elgg / Moodle integration, a question that might be picked up and answered by the forum moderators or some veteran users.

    The two responses I've received (one message and one on the forum) are two fellows offering to help me through paid technical support.

    This doesn't make me angry or anything, but it does tell me something about the ELGG community which is clearly very friendly to ELGG entrepreneurship.

    Seems to be a different business model going on here than I see at Moodle.

    No better, no worse, just different.



  • @DriftWork

    All due-respect to your profession and to your question... Your question is "simple".. but the answer is a whole lot more complex.. It's not a matter of "business models" c/f Moodle. What you've queried for will take.. hmm... quite a few many hours to design, code, test, implement, prod-support, SDLC, deliver successfully. It is *not a quick 2 minute answer.. Would you like someone to spend several *hours* to analyze your situation and technical requirements and give some feasable directions ? If so, send me a PM and I might be likely to give some freebie advice, no charge !

  • @DriftWork I'm also interested in elgg moodle integration, something I've seen but not tried is the MEL (moodle elgg lams) solution by solution grove.  

  • @Susan


    You've been offline for too long ;-)

    There are, to my knowledge.. *3* disparate Elgg/Moodle implementations.. I do try to keep in touch with the other 2 development groups as time permits..

    My original Elgg_Moodler demo is offline right now while I'm migrating all my older shared-hosting demos to my fresh extra new dedicated power-server. Next few weeks.. I'll have the spare-time to reload all my older demos ;-)

  • Fair enough. Time is money. Makes sense.

    I just thought that there was some level of integration between Moodle and Elgg as we see (for example) with Moodle and Mahara.

    Anyway, I do appreciate all the responses.


  • @Dhruva :) TNX was biding time waiting for 1.7.1 - would love to try out elgg_moodler once you get it back on line.


  • @Dhruva TNX=thanks - for making me feel like I was missed ;-)

  • LOLZ Susan..

    I usually say "thx".. hee hee ;-)

    I just thot u were making ref to a new tech terminology ;-)



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