How Do I make the 'Homepage' (so to speak) for all users my profile?

When people log into the community I want it to go straight to my profile. I would also like to add my profile to the dropdown box of 'Tools'. I hope these are both possible, and the one about adding it to the tools bar may be more of a job for a plugin... I really don't know, any suggestions welcomed!

  • Hi closetconnextion. I am looking for exactly the same as you. Would like when a user log in to be directed to the profile page to start. The profile field in the dropdown list will be a bonus - but the first mentioned is the most important for me. Anybody that knows how to do this?

  • To redirect to profile page use the login redirector plugin, to add your link to tools add that link to start file of any plugin.

    Team Webgalli

  • Team Webgalli,

       as far as I can tell the redirector plugin has two variations, after first login and after editing their page. Is there a general version, so everytime they log in it happens? Thanks!

  • If thats not working for you, You can override the login action by a cuustom plugin. if you need support pm me:)

    Team Webgalli

  • Hello closetconnextion,

    The correct way to do it would be as Team Webgalli commented. Develop a plugin or use the redirector plugin.

    To solve it you can edit the file /elgg1.7.1/actions/login.php (this is ususally not recommended as this would be to edit the elgg core, this is for you to understand it). Edit line 40 and replace it for:

    To add the profile link into the tools menu you should add the following line to any start.php (/elgg1.7.1/mod/profile/start.php would be ok).
    add_menu(elgg_echo('profile_on_menu'), $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/profile/" . $_SESSION['user']->username);

    I hope this helps


  • Hi gushbellino - thanks man - will try this out later on and see if it can work for me - am running 1.7.1.

  • Hello jacque,

    Ok, great, let us know if that helped.