Questions about how to set up a WG?

This will be a place for people to ask questions about how to set up walled gardens.  I think it's better to put all of our knowlege here, rather than have it attached to various version pages of various plugins all over this site.

  • Hi there,

    I hope someone can assist me. I have a website that I would like to secure behind a walled garden. I have tried the 'walledgarden' and 'siteaccess' plugins but both has limitations.

    I want the WG to only allow content to display when people are logged into the website. I see that 'siteaccess' gives the option to allow/disallow certain pages but you cannot specify context.

    For now, the simple 'walledgarden' plugin works best for me because it does not allow the public (not logged in) to see any content (which is what I want) and it does not allow for public registration or requesting lost passwords (which is also what I want). However, it does not allow any content to be displayed on the root site when people are logged in either, although they can see content when they access their profile pages.

    Is there a simple way to allow for this functionality (root of the site to display content only when people are logged in)? I am unfortunately not a programmer and know nothing about php to code my own solution or else I would have.

    If someone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

  • Not a very active group!

    I get a double image of the main page when walled garden is activated. How can I prevent this?