thewire still show items in the activity river when thewire plugin is disabled.

thewire and other plugins show items in the activity river when plugin is disabled.  Has any body else experienced this?

going a bit deeper into it, it seems like it would be usefull for the function " get_river_items " to have a whitelist or blacklist option for plugins via type, like " 'allowed_types' => array('object','blog','thewire') " as seen on the function " elgg_list_registered_entities "


  • This could be considered an architectural flaw in Elgg's plugin system / entity system. Currently there is no way to tell Elgg core that entities were created by a certain plugin and need to be disabled / deleted when that plugin is disabled. Filtering on type is somewhat effective but not foolproof.

    I agree that get_river_items() can be more flexible but as for your current problem, you will need to write a manual query to delete from the rivertable where type = object and subtype = thewire.