Ostatus federation


I've been working since some time on adding ostatus support to elgg. I've created a page at: http://community.elgg.org/pg/pages/view/503921/ with technical details

Ostatus allows public content to be federated among sites. Groups, profiles or whole river can be subscribed into a different network, and then people in that network can also participate (for the moment on blog comments and threaded discussion only, but soon on more datatypes).

At the moment we support 3 out of ostatus 4 protocols, and not all little details are sorted out, on the other hand, we're using almost all of the object types in activitystreams (even some extra, since not all elgg types map 1 to 1 with activitystreams types). An example network federating some others is available at: http://hub.lorea.cc

I'd like to hear what people think about this, and what you think we can do with it :). Also, since i had to hack a few details in elgg, i'd be willing to sort out the details so for 1.8 (or even some later 1.7 release) ostatus support could be plug and play.

Also, would be nice to see other people who want to test the plugins independently and I can suport this to make the plugins documentation better and sort out instalation details. For the moment i didn't publish the plugins in the elgg community because it is still a bit early for a release like this (but they are available in a public repo as linked on the page above), specially since it uses changes to core. Still, we're already using this on production (6 or 7 networks have this enabled now).


  • This looks like the start of something great!   I occasionally see you pop in IRC and ask the random question, but had no idea what you were doing.  Federation is a big deal right now, so I'm thrilled you've had success with Elgg!


    How much of core did you need to modify?  If your modifications are generic enough, feel free to post them as patches to trac.  Even if they're not, if you post them we can provide feedback and what we need to do to pull the changes into core.

  • Agree this looks very interesting. Sure our guys will want to be involved going forward.

  • hey!

    thx for the support! right now i'm travelling so i can't dedicate so much time to the coding and so on, but soon i can resume and i will go on with the ostatus (and others) coding, and trying to document the needed changes to the core even better.