Adding fields in the Page

We will discuss how to add fields in a page. There are also some users that would like to create pages just with the admin and owner of a group, this will be something to talk about too.

(This topic has been created to continue the discussion created in a wrong group

  • @Kevin Jardine, I am new in Elgg and do some projects for my own and i am a student also.I except some sort of help,support and co operation from here.I have no relation with rahuneo and dwaipayan.I like elgg very much and doing some projects for my own.If I want support from here and someone comments it  for the same then what is the problem??

    As an example I have aske a question for changing the default profile access of members but got no answer.

    Some people of the elgg are very professionals.Thay sometimes post plugins but cannot give support and answer.

    If you think i post very much and demands very much then its ok and thanks for your suggestion/help/order !!!

    gushbellino is the only person who can support me for doing my work.

    Thanks gushbellino for your help.

    Thanks and regards.

  • @cash -- its just a mere accident or u can say a neccesary need that all these three people are asking the same question. When a same questioned is being asked by more people then that mean its the requirement that needs to be implemented.

    Am i a stupid that i will create different account and post from them. Instead of wasting that time on posting by different account I would like to take my brain into elgg that will give me more of help.

    So if u have any issues with it then let me know. But i hope this community is for helping those who dont have that deep knowledge of elgg. So better help me and u will c the no of questions decreasing.Thats all my from my side.


  • Rahulneo, if you look at Cash's comment again, you will see that he simply asked you not to post the same question in more than one thread. No where does he say that you "create different account and post from them".

    If you are having problems understanding English, then I suggest that you consider posting in an appropriate forum in your own language.

  • Hello @rahulneo, @elgglearner:

    @Cash and @Kevin Jardine are right, they are not attacking you, not even ordering you, they are just suggesting; if you take a look into the posts and of another groups you will they are very important members in the elgg community. I also suggest you (because I also saw that) do not post the same issue in the forums, by the other hand you should make a bigger effort to improve your coding, try to understand the code, then ask particular questions. If you can not do it for yourself then contract a developer to do it for you, must of us live of this. It is very hard to code all your needs, I guess no one has a lot of time for free, or at least people who work for living.

    a rope:
    echo '<pre>';
    print_r($object->owner); //research what it is for
    echo '</pre>';


  • My own personal formula for giving help:

    First 1 or 2 times, I generally help someone new to the forums. If they do not appear to be trying to find the answer on their own, I stop helping them. If they start demanding help, I stop helping them. Part of why I do this is to not encourage those behaviours through positive reinforcement. Part of the reason is that I have limited time for answering questions and need to prioritize where I spend it.

    I'm sure that other members of the community do something similar when deciding whether to help someone or not. You don't want to do things that will discourage people from helping you. Posting the same message in multiple threads or continually bumping your posts are two things that will stop people from helping you.

  • @cash,@kevin, @and everyone----okz i got what u guys wanna say me. I understand english. i thought that posting the same question in the different groups might get me some solution. Its not that i hav not tried and asked the question straight forward in the forum. I go through the codes deeply and then when something gets over my  head then only i post. I am not that good in elgg but still i have tried a lot and done a lot of customization of elgg but its coding structure is quite tough and me got nuts and when i was stuck in the page plugin. Its then only i have came to know about forum and decided to post here. I have contacted almost every one related with it or who were more supportive. But i got nothing. Its then when gushbellino came to rescue and helped me.

    But all of a sudden i think there seems to be some problem but i never knew this would go so long. but still thanks whatever i got and gods helps newbie's who decide who to take up elgg as there favourite and move ahead with it.

    thanks and regards


  • @gushbellino I’m really ok or good in X-cart support but this ELGG thing is driving me crazy. If u wanna support in X-cart then I can help u out but in Elgg I’m helpless that’s y I’m seeking forward for ur help.

    I think the knowledge wisdom grows by distributing it.

     I am stucked in between. I tried ur codes given in the discussion but it makes the page white when I try to implement them on the start.php of page mod.

    I am still unable to see the value of the group object that will show me the group owner. Still the group owner is unable to make group pages. Even on editing through a group page is not allowed even to the site admin. I don't know what is happening but I’m really stuck.

     I have tried all from my side checked everything but still can’t make it.  I followed elgg wiki for help but still could not find much of help.

    I’m really helpless at this moment of time. So pls help me out if u have some free time.

  • @gushbellino Any solution about search each and every fields rather than site wide search??