Adding fields in the Page

We will discuss how to add fields in a page. There are also some users that would like to create pages just with the admin and owner of a group, this will be something to talk about too.

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  • @gushbellino any solution?

    thanks for your previous help...

  • Hello guys, sorry, I was really busy.

    To know the value add this function in any start.php file

        #Funcion que facilita el mostrado de arreglos
        function pr($aArray,$atributo = null,$print = true)
            $arreglo_presente = is_array($aArray);
                if($atributo == null){
                    echo '<pre>';
                    echo '</pre>';
                        foreach($aArray as $value){


    And then add the line

    Then you should know what is the value, let me know which one it is please.

  • @gushbellino -- thanks for the esteemed support.

    i have tried the function below. i have added the function on the start.php of the page mod itself but the page goes white and everything goes white and thing dont work. i think the codes line are not in english so that might cause some problem. pls look into the matter when u get time. thanks for the help.

    @dwaipayan and @elgglearner -- to bring the site category into a dropdown or multiselect u need to go into the folder  

    mod/categories/views/default/categories.php . open the file and goto the line 30. u will find these codes

    echo elgg_view('input/checkboxes',array(
                'options' => $categories,
                'value' => $selected_categories,
                'internalname' => 'universal_categories_list'

    u need to change the checkboxes type to pulldown or multiselect. I think these will suffice the need.

  • @gushbellino -- one more important think i forgot is after the creation of the page it's not allowing me to update or edit the page. After clicking the edit link its taking me to the edit page  but once i click save its says that its possible for the admin only where as i'm trying these thing as site admin.

    pls see to it into this problem.


  • @rahulneo Thanks for your help.How to make each and every fields searchable including category not via tags?

    @gushbellino One small requirement i can now able to add budget fields to add it for project(that is page, i make page as project)Now my currency value is INR that is primary value in budget fields.Now I want to show its equivalent dollar value by converting x amount of INR value is equal to y amount of dollar value by conversion rate.

    How can I able to do that with your kind help?

    Thanks a lot for your previous help.

    Thanks and regards.

  • @gushbellino,R u busy? Can you post plugins for all these requirements?

    1)Project specific search(search each and every added fields including category) beside site wide search.

    2) Also one cannot able to create same name of the project.

    Thanks a lot for your great effort.

  • @gushbellino Any solutions?


  • @rahulneo, dwaipayan, elgglearner - you need to learn how to write code for yourself rather than depending on @gushbellino to do it for you. There are some tutorials for beginners here:

    In addition, there are a lot of good developer resources on the wiki. Please try those out before posting in the forums.

    When you do post, rather than asking someone to post all the code to do what you want, post the code that you have written so far and ask for pointers on how to extend it or fix it.

    One more thing, all three of you tend to post the same questions in multiple threads. Please stop doing that.

  • @cash No cash I dont know rahulneo and dwaipayan..I come here for some help related to page and I think here gushbellino is the only person who can support me for doing my work.It is an open community where I can discuss, want help, support from our friends, members.There are so many people who are very much professional.

    It may be that some cases we post for same thing but it should be clear to all that I don't know rahulneo and dwaipayan.Sometimes some of the members post plugins but when i ask someone thay never support me.

    What you say I cannot post here??

    Waiting for your reply.

    Also waiting for support from gushbellino.

    Thanks to all.

  • @elgglearner - I think that Cash has given you some very good suggestions and you should read his message carefully and follow his advice if you want to get the support you are looking for from this forum.