random error only on some computers

my site-http://gameopp.com,  has an issue, it isnt screeen resolution, because I have seen it on my friends computer, and they have the same resolution, and screen size as i do.

i have put an ad at the top of the site, and on some, but not all computers, the ad goes under the logo, and covers/overlaps many things. it is annoying because i i have only gotten it once in a while, but others are saying it it overlapping. in firefox, IE7, and IE8.


  • I visited site --

    • You're using "custom index" plugin
    • You '"hacked" in the banner ad image

    You're asking for trouble ;-)

  • haha, i am using no plugin at all to put the ad up there, i put the coding into header-contents.php, or what ever it is called, i did it for the bottom one as well, and it worked fine, all i have to do what make the table a bit bigger. but the top ad seems to be causing random trouble

  • well, i do have that plugin activated, but im not using it to put the ad up there if that is what you are asking, i put the ad code i got into the php file i found.

  • I **read your html output before saying "you *hacked" the ad into the top-bar - which *is not done by the plugin -- though the html shows the "custom-index" evidence ;-) I made 2 points above - did not say the "ad" was put by customIndex, but you 8hacked the code - you're asking for trouble... I've seen this symptom only once before..

  • lol, you make it sound like a horror story, what sort of trouble are you talking about?

  • @Deeds:

    It is simple - changing the actual code in the views, etc as you've done, works as lomg as you do not upset any other code within the system - any upgrades, other plugins' overrides to views, etc.... there will be trouble but the evidence trail is very hard to follow. "Horror Story" might be a LOL, bit look around at some of the other posts - fiddle with internals - it works until...

    I helped someone else fix a similar sounding problem before.. but it was still a "hack". II read thru your html output trying to relate it to how the views are handled and I see potential for problems and you're saying now you've got problems. You've replaced something that was predictable with something that is not.

  • i see, understandable. will it really mess things up, because the only problem i am getting is that it goes down below the logo, and overlaps things. and that only happens on some poeples computers, sometimes. other then that, the site is working very well.

  • I just had a look with Opera and your newest member and group images aren't showing.

  • in your (mod/theme_eosx/)views/default/page_elements/header_contents.php


    use this:


    <div id="page_container">

    <div id="page_wrapper">


    <div id="layout_header">

    <div id="wrapper_header">

    <!-- display the page title -->

    <table width="990" border="0">


        <td width="332"><a href="http://yourdomainname.com"><img src="/path/to/your/logo" /></a></td>

        <td width="658" align="right"><div align="right">


          <script type="text/javascript"






    </div><!-- /#wrapper_header -->

    </div><!-- /#layout_header -->


    Be sure to change all the cell sizes, yourdomainname.com, /path/to/your/logo, and to replace "PUT YOUR ADSENSE SCRIPT HERE"

  • @ phil
    really, thats a first, i dont know why that is happening, is it that the little X image is apearing?

    wow, thankyou, i will be sure to get that in there asap