Adding options to pulldown


I wonder if somebody could help me.

In my form I have a field of pulldown type (select), when I try to add some options to it, it all gets ignored and the options do not display.

When viewing the field is just an empty select menu.

I have tried all the possible options but nothing is helping.

I found that the same problem occures with checkboxes and radio field types. After setting options and saving the settings, no options will display.


Please help if you can. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    would anybody know how to fix this problem? Please give some help as I am being stuck on this and dont really know how to continue.


  • Kevin are you able to shine any light on this problem? Please help if you can...

  • Although I'm not sure which file, I'm pretty sure you will have to edit more than one to get them to appear.

    When I edited the market plugin, adding fields etc. I needed to edit 5 files to get it to display properly. Have a look through all the files to see if there are any other places where your new options need to be placed as well.

    Good luck!

  • I must say the level of support on this forum and pluging is rather disappointing.



  • I do support the plugins. I don't provide help for every person reporting problems that I cannot reproduce and which none of my clients have seen.

    There are far too many reasons why Elgg plugins might break to investigate every case. Many of these have nothing to do with my code.

    The plugin is provided for free. If you don't like it, use something else.

  • So Kevin you are saying that others do not have the drop down select empty field issue as does Oslo above? I ask because I have to decide whether to use your form and related plugins or the profile_manager plug in to allow me to use the vazco gmap plugins that I need on my site. Unfortunatelty just by going from comments on the two it seems both have issues that have not yet been resolved. This puts me in a quandry as to which way to go. I would love some advice from someone who has tried or used both if possible. I do buy plugins and support their development and if that is the issue then I can set up a deal to make sure the plug in works 100% in my site. However for the plig in author to say they do not investigate all issues posted for them makes one wonder of support would be worth the investment.

  • wolfepk1: Please read what I wrote above more carefully. I wrote that this is a problem that "I cannot reproduce and which none of my clients have seen".  So I think that this is a problem related to the original poster's server configuration and not with the plugin.

    As always, I strongly recommend that you install and test any plugin (not just mine) carefully yourself to determine if it meets your needs.

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