Elgg 1.7.2 ?!

Can we (and when?) expect 1.7.2? Because at least

  • update problem for 8bit-sites not solved in 1.7.1 successfully (for direct 1.5-1.7.1 path);
  • some translation of base modules aren't full
  • some parts or Elgg still aren't fully i18n'able from a box in a good way (widgets content, widget hints, calendarpopup)
  • According to the roadmap, Elgg 1.7.2 is due in 5 days:


  • Have there any moderation activity within the group?

  • If these problems weren't reported on the 1.7.1 release there's a high likelihood that they will not be fixed in the 1.7.2 release...

    1.7.2 will probably be pushed back a couple weeks as I don't think Cash and I will be able to knock out the 52 remaining issues in 5 days!

  • Any new ETA of Elgg 1.7.2? I've noticed that the time until release increases again. :)

    I have a strange CSS/simplecache issue on the login page in one of 3 Elgg 1.7.1 test installations (during testing a modified useravailable plugin this problem doesn't occur with Chrome but only with Opera and Firefox). It sounds like one of tickets fixed in Elgg 1.7.2 might cure this problem, but I would like to wait until the final release to test it.

  • Progress has been happening in fits on 1.7.2 based on people's schedules. One good thing to report is that we are starting to see more developers become active with submitting patches.

    My best advice is watch the green bar on this page: http://trac.elgg.org/milestone/Elgg%201.7.2


  • @Cash:

    I watch it already... daily! :)

  • @iionly - If you you are having a problem with the current version, please help test the next version when it is released as a beta.  If you wait until a final release and your problem still exists, it won't make it until the release AFTER that.

    Reiterating what Cash says, it's been a busy time for all the developers so 1.7.2 is taking longer than originally planned.  The best way to get it released faster is to devote a bit of time to submit a patch for one of the tickets listed on the 1.7.2 milestone page.

  • @Brett:

    I can do the testing with the beta version. I haven't thought about that. :)

    I tried it with the latest 1.7.2b nightly build today, but it seems not to work fully at all unfortunately, so I'm not sure if the problem still exists as a lot more severe things doesn't work properly - with much the same effects than the problem I had originally. I would open a ticket, if I would could at least narrow the circumstances that lead to the problem down slightly. I want to port the useravailable plugin to Elgg 1.7. This plugin replaces register.php, but currently it works only on a test installation where I never activated simple cache/filepath cache but not on two others. When I disabled simple cache in these installations (just to find out what would happen on the register page) the page layout of the login page was completely messed up. I still could log in, but it seems Elgg tries to load the last version from cache at login (unsuccessfully...) and maybe Elgg also tries to use the cached version of the login page. Maybe the useravailable plugin also doesn't work with cache activated as the cache is not updated properly after the plugin is enabled. I noticed one (fixed) ticket that seemed to mention the same problem, but as I said above I couldn't validate it with the latest nightly build as it doesn't work properly...

  • The nightlies are just SVN snapshots and can often be broken. A beta will be coming out soon that will be more appropriate to test with.  Thanks for trying though, and if you have problems with core on the beta, please do open a trac ticket.

  • The development speed become slow?

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