Permanently hiding a divide

I am playing around with a custom dashboard which has help bulletins to guide new users through the profile setup stage.

These bulletins change as the user completes certain task, but in the end I need to allow them to click a button to hide the "div" in which these bulletins are displayed.

Could someone help me comeup with the proper <button onclick> code to permanently hide this divide?

Thanks so much for all the help I have recieved so far! 

  • Off the top of my head, the first way I'd think to do it is...

    //When user clicks certain button, do this

    $user->hide_my_custom_div = "yes";

    //When displaying the div...

    if($user->hide_my_custom_div !== "yes") {

    echo "<div>...</div>";


    You could also use the private settings feature instead of metadata.

  • I thought about using the jquery hide function, but I'm not sure that I am calling the div function in the right way.

    The div is named <div id="dashboard_info">

    Inside of this function I wrote <button>Close</button> in html

    Then inside of javascript I placed this code:

    $("button").click(function () {

    The button shows up but the hide function doesn't work so I'm doing something wrong


  • Ok I got the jquery problem worked out, instead of "$("div.dashboard_info").hide();" I needed $('#dashboard_info').hide();

    The only problem is that when the page is reloaded the div reappears. Is there a way to make this permanent?

    i was thinking that there should be some way of setting a value to a variable when the div is hidden, then placing the code within an if statement. Just not sure about how to go about it. 

  • If you want it to be permanent to a user, you need to write an action that sets a variable, then call it via ajax when the user clicks your button.

    $.ajax() or $.post() are your friends here.

  • Hello again Evan,

    Could you tell me where I can find some examples where $.ajax or $.post have been used like this? I'm really a newbe to this type of programming and kinda lost lol.

  • The jquery documentation is the best place to start to learn how to use $.post/ajax

  • Done spent a few hours going over that,,,,, some times I think I try to make stuff harder than it realy is.

    I grew up on latterlogic from way back in 1982 or so I know a little about foxpro, C++ pertty good at html know some basic and bits and pieces of other languages...... then I found elgg lol PHP kicked my butt for a while and now I gotta figure out jquery I know I'll get it just wondering when lol.

    It would be nice to see some real life examples of other peoples code,,,, don't know somehow that makes it easier

  • Examples are always easier.  The jQuery docs usually have plenty of code examples.  Here's one example specific to elgg, though:

    $.post('//', {
    __elgg_ts: <?php echo $ts; ?>,
    __elgg_token: "<?php echo $token; ?>"
    }, function() { alert('yay'); });

    this will call the action "do/something" with no arguments except the security tokens.  Basically it is just like submitting a form to do/something but it does it in the background.  Then, once the call returns (if it is a success) you will see 'yay' get alerted on your screen.