Leave comments page not working correctly

Hi everybody!

Our company's intranet is an Elgg based site, using Elgg 1.6, and we've installed the Tidypics plugin.

Both the gallery and popups are working perfectly, but when I click on the "tidypics:leavecomment" link in the popup, the page that is loaded (where you can tag people and leave comments) isn't including any of the elgg modules (elgg_topbar, header, header_contents, etc). Thus, the page isn't loading any CSS.

I've tried re-installing the plugin, but the issue keeps happening.

I would really appreciate any help on this.

Thanks in advance!


  • Have you edited any code? No CSS often means that a mistake was made when editing code and PHP is sending the page to the browser before it has been fully created.

    You could try copying the original Elgg code over, copying the original Tidypics code again, and disabling other third party plugins.

    As a reference, there is no tidypics:leavecomment string in Tidypics so you must have modified the code.


  • Thanks for the quick answer!

    Disabling other third party plugins solved the issue. It seems that the plugin  "Highslides" was breaking the way Tidypics behaved and showed.  So, I have disabled "Highslides" for the moment.