Manual order of pics

I read somewhere that the possibility to reorder pics in albums would come after Elgg 1.7 was released.

Is there any news on this feature?



  • That would be amazing if someone could add that. TidyPics is pretty good but it does lack a few basics like that.

  • Just need to find some time to code this up. First step is moving the order functionality to the album object. 

  • I look forward to the results. It would also be good (although not vital) to be able to display a live photo count of all a group's albums in the title area of each group.

  • If you are looking for new features to add, how about allowing the upload of zipfiles of photos and automatically upzip them on the server. The option of sorting them by filename when they unzip would be good too.

  • Our code repository is here:

    If you would like to write something like that and attach it to a ticket, we would take a look at it. It would likely cause huge problems with upload limits and script execution times. You would need to create a queue of zip files that are handled by a cron job.

  • I'm afraid I really don't know much about the technical side of it. All I know is Gallery2 deals with zip files very well. The upload time is much longer than the unzipping time (I guess because JPG files don't compress in zips). You just give it a zipfile instead of a JPG and it uploads and unzips it in one operation, sorting by the options set for the folder you are uploading into. It's a lifesaver when uploading large amounts of images where the sequence is critical.

    If workload is a problem then could it be an admin only feature?

  • Anyone made any progress with this?


    I was thinking that possibly the simplest solution would be to ensure that the photos display in the album in the precise order they were added to the upload form?

  • But sometimes (in rare cases) the order is different nonetheless. Maybe if the server is stressed?

    Would it be possible to also implement a feature that allows to move an image from one album to another one?

  • The plan is build more flexibility into the next big release. Some of the core code has been put in place for this. Theoretically, it should be possible with the new core code to arrange photos within an album, move albums between an album and include a photo in more than one album. The question is how much interface work we put in to expose this to the user.