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Im new to elgg and have not installed it any where yet, can anyone give me tips on how and where it is best hosted and a site i may see to get usful ideas.

I do a lot of photography and youtube videos ect can these be placed on a elgg platform.



  • I'm also installing this open software. I'm new to web domains but if your in Canada use I have an irc service and webspace there for $10 its freebsd.

    About this web application.

    This seems to be everything I need and was hoping for. I releized I need to think big and social networking came to mind. I definatley looking for help in improving my site. So I'll keep in touch here.


    Right now I'm using phpbb for a domain name that deserves a social network.

    my domain is My site is less than a month old and have no users yet but think the name and social network will blend in nicely.

  • I would have like to start a thread about ssl authentication  here but I"m not ablel to find a new topic button. So I'm stuck in this thread

  • @paul, go to the group discussion page and the add topic button is at the top (blue button at the top of for this group)

  • I checked that out and I'll use it. But I was expecting to be able to post this new thread in getting started group.


    OK I have to hit the group discussion button on the top of this page first.

    all good thank a bunch