Adding friend in, river notification


If someone adds someone else, it says

A  is now a friend with  B, even before B has accepted this.

How can I change this text?


Stop this?


  • Hi democracy,

    Search for "friend_request" plugin.... :)

    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

  • Hi jaxcatz,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. In my installation there is no "friend_request". So, the friend making process is done by something else!!! Any idea, which mode is doing this?

  • Hi democracy,

    I believe its done through friends plugin and actions..

    But now Im a bit confused :P

    Do u want to add an action where, users have to confirm friend requests. To give authority for users to accept of reject friend requests.

    or is it something other  ?

    can u pls explain where u r stuck :)

    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

  • Hi Thanks for your reply.

    Well, in my installation, user A can send request to user B. But as soon as the user sends the request, on the riverdashboard it says,

    "A  is now a friend with  B" 

    But, I want to change this text! Thats all.

    For example, I want to say, "A has sent friend request to B"

    And when B approves then it should say,

    "B  is now a friend with  A



  • HI democracy :)

    Ok.. now I get the logic :).. phew I never thought abt it hehehe :)

    When A asks to B can I be friend and when B approves it then it should show something like 

    User A is now a friend with User B " or 

    User A & User B are now friends "

    its now the other way round "User B is now a friend with User A", which is not quite logical... 

    hmm u got a very good point there :)

    What is needed is the vice versa (just opposite) of what's now shown.

    To change that we have to look into the some files both inside friends and river namely 





    hmm... lets have a look :)


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)