Time session


I'm trying to change the session time on my 1.6.1 version of elgg, but I can't. I tried to change the php.ini file, the httpd.conf file, add a line at the top of the start.php file of the engine folder, and I tried to add a line to the .htaccess file.

I did those changes one by one, but it doesn't work, so i did those changes all in one try, but doesn't work too. 

Does anyone has a idea in order to resole that ?


  • Use phpinfo to check if the session parameter changes are being picked up. (I assume you are restarting apache after every change)

  • Hi Cash,

    Yes, I restart Apache at every changes.

    For phpinfo, i used it, and i notice that the changes were picked up.

    I try to change the /engine/lib/sessions.php file, but I haven't got much more results.

    All our tries are posted in the elgg.fr site at this adress, if you want to see more details.

    This post is in french.




  • Benoit, did you get your question answered in the thread that you linked to?

  • Not exactly, this is why I come here, in order to have a solution. This question of time session were asked approximately a month ago, and despite efforts done by those who tried to help me, we didn't find a solution.

    I didn't think that this question will be so hard to answer ^^

    If you have a solution, i'm here




  • hmmm.. this shoud be a simple task, but it seems too many people are having trouble implementing the session change. several weeks ago we had similar trouble and managed to change our site's lifetime to 24 hours and it's working now.

  • session.gc_probability 1 1
    session.gc_maxlifetime 86400 86400
    session.gc_divisor 1 1
    session.save_path /var/lib/php/session /var/lib/php/session
    session.cookie_lifetime 86400 86400
    session.cookie_path / /

    Il y avait quelque chose de nouveau bien: le serveur nous avons eu à corriger .. mais je ne me souviens pas, car il ya plusieurs semaines ;- (

  • Thanks Dhruva, 

    I've tried these changes, but it seems that there's another file to change. What do you use as server ? Apache ? Because, I changed some things, but it doesn't work yet.

    Thanks again


  • Centos, Plesk, Apache, etc. You're having same issue we had ;-) We changed all the correct code but no luck. I wish I could remember that final trick.. something about the server setup/ config parms....

  • Hi,

    I'm back with some good news \o/ . Actually, I add the line you mentioned about save path, i.e put a directory to save path of session or something like that, and that seems to work. In fact, I set the time session to 10 sec, and after one afternoon of utilization, I hear that the time session is a bit too short ^^

    So, thanks a lot Dhruva and Cash for your advices.