Data export to elgg Server.

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I want to run our Ning service on elgg server. Is there any Import tools?

We have already tested elgg on local server and we are very happy with elgg. It Free and Opensource.

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  • I do not know of any Ning specific import tools. I've seen tools that import from CSV files. It shouldn't be that difficult to write a tool specific to Ning as Elgg's data model is very general.

  • Not a complete solution, but due to the fact that the Ning membership exports to a csv, I opened it up in Excel and copied the column of email addresses and pasted them into the 'invite' email fiels. They all went in 1 line per email address and then i wrote a message and sent them out. Like I said, not a complete solution, but it worked.

  • Hi. I just spent a few hours going through a possible specification for importing NING members into Elgg. The database structure of Elgg is pretty unusual, but I had most of it worked out until I suddenly realised the big difference between the two structures: the NING system does not utilise a username for one thing, which is key for Elgg - without a username there is no account. I could generate usernames on import, sending them out to the members via email, but no doubt many of them would want to change their usernames. I suppose they could email back with their requested username changes, but there is nowhere you can directly edit a members username in Elgg - you would have to edit the users_entity table directly. Still, it might be do-able. Anyhow, let me know if there is still much of a demand for an Elgg import NING script and I will chew over it some more...

  • Cliff - you can change the login process to use email address rather than username. I know there is a plugin floating around that does that.

    Elgg does assume a username for page URLs but those could be generated based on some other information like the user's name.

  • Hi all, have a chat with Kevin Jardine as he has migrated a fairly large Ning website with 1600 users, complete with all profile, blog, group and image data, to elgg in the past and could probably assist.

  • Regarding exporting Ning networks -- have any of you looked into this? Exporting Your Network's Content When Leaving The Ning Platform.

    I am desperate to get away from Ning and am looking to hire someone to do this for my network. Anybody interested??