Elgg 1.7.1 Script problem after language changing

hi! i'm newby. so, sorry if there is no information enough. My problem:

1. i upgrade my elgg from 1.5. to 1.7.1

2. then i add language files in mod's directories (e.g. friends, profile e.t.c) and in rootDirectory/languages

3. after this i found out next problem.  if i choose english language in my site, all is ok. But if i (using IE7 or Chrome) choose another language (in my case - russian) some scripts stop working: i can't close alert messages ("click to dismiss"), can't use dropdown menu (i mean "tools" on topbar), i can't set default dashboard and personal page widgets (as an administrator).

What is really strange for me:

1. in Firefox all work well in any cases.

2. i can change edit dashboards widgets (as a user - not an administrator).

be greatfull for your help and sorry for my english.

p.s. that fact, that problem is in scripts - is just my opinion. may be it's wrong.

  • I'd guess bad language files. All of the things that are breaking are javascript based. Something in the language files is interferring with the main Elgg javascript script