Roadmap for 1.8 and further

I was looking for an offical roadmap for 1.8 and other versions. Is there anywhere something like this, where i can check the ETA and planned features?

Checked also for this but I'm no coder, so i can't check sources and imagine what's coming :-(

  • mmm...good support feedback. Thanks for taking the time to post all of that here Brett. 1.8 sounds exciting.

    The current plugin repo is in my mind superb. The organization is so much clearer than what it used to be (Cash much appreciated). The 'current plugin status' idea would be very useful also. I think someone mentioned about the upload plugin form and the supported elgg version field. Would be nice to have a checkbox for that in case more than 1 version is supported. Most questions these days are "does this work for 1.5/1.6.1 etc."

  • An interesting problem I've run into as a plugin developer is that I use new functions such as elgg_extend_view in order to keep my plugin as up to date as possible, but then all the 1.5 and 1.6 users out there can't use my plugin.  That's pretty much a bummer, because now I'm torn between more users and more up-to-dateness.  Often, the desire for more users wins out.

    Something to mitigate this would be nice.  I've thought of the possibility of a plugin that would provide 1.7-level API's for past versions so that plugin developers could always develop their plugins for the latest version.  Not sure what problems we'd run into there, though.

  • Latest version of community_plugins:

    I made a 1.7 branch since the plugin works on 1.7 only right now. There is probably another good 10-20 hours of work cleaning up the current plugin before we start adding features. There is duplicated code for the create/update plugins in the page handlers, views?, and actions. I also plan to pull out code and create  PluginProject and PluginRelease classes.

    A compatability plugin is a definitely possibility. The 1.0-1.6 get/list functions has some odd container/owner code that was fixed in 1.7. I don't think it would be to easy to port those changes back, but the rest shouldn't be difficult.

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