[Featurerequest] #hastags, @replies, and more

I think elgg is one of the best social platforms for educational purposes (simple, good functions, ...)

I don't know where to post ideas of features elgg should have (in my opinion) in one of the next versions, so i'll post it here.


  • Aggregation of Web 2.0 Services. As I've seen elgg is often used as an eportfolio-tool. Future of LMS/eportfolio tolls will probably lead us the way moodle 2.0 does with the ability to get data from various sources out of the platform.  For me it would be great, if i could give the users the possibility to enter some usercredentials and aggregate delicious bookmarks, starred items from Google Reader, generic RSS-feeds and more.
  • Collaborative working: e.g. integration of Google Docs, Wiki or what else ...
  • facebook like riverdashboard (there's a plugin, but this seems not be developed anymore). With all the functionality facebook offers:
  1. posting status messages
  2. posting artefacts like videos, links ... (with oembed)
  3. ability to mark something as "liked"
  4. commenting status
  5. #hastags and @replies for statusmessages / artefacts (one of elggs most important and great features to me is the ability to tag and find almost everything)

What do think others of my ideas?

If you think that doesn't has to be implemented into core elgg and sees a possibility to develop a plugin (or extend an existing plugin, there are several that have some work already done) i'd like to help. because i don't have any coding-skills it has to be translation, documentation, betatesting or donating money.

I'm currently working on a project setting up an elgg installation for a information/knowledgemanagement-socialnetwork for university staff and i also have some money to invest.

I really like to hear what you think about this and maybe theres someone who also works with information/knowledgmanagement ?





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