Displaying groups I am a member of in site

I have been wanting to show the groups I am in in a few different locations in my Elgg site.

Right now I am wanting to add a box in the left column of the riverdashboard "Activity" page that shows my groups. Not the groups I own, I got that working, but the groups I am in. I have been trying to change the index.php page from groups where it pulls my groups but can't get info out of array or something else stupid I am missing.

    $objects = elgg_list_entities(array('types' => 'group', 'owner_guid' => page_owner(), 'limit' => $limit, 'full_view' => FALSE));
    $area2 .= $objects;


Thanks in advance for the help. After this I am wanting to put my groups in a drop down in the top bar to save some clicks.