Moderated Group Events

Will it be possible to moderate events created by members in a group?

I am thinking of applying the rules in the scenario of the group member making an appointment with the group admin. Approval of group admin is treated as a confirmation of the appointment.

Wish List

If moderation is possible, then the next step will be to limit the number of guests within an event.

Oh, and also will be great if there can be a check to ensure the appointments don't clash. Thanks!

  • Hi Ed,

    This is an event calendar, rather than an appointment calendar. So I think that some of the features you mentioned might not get added, at least not for a while.

    I'm currently working on an unrelated plugin for a client which should allow moderating all group content (basically the access control dropdown is removed for non-admins, all content is set to private and admins can change that to make it visible to everyone else).

  • Just as a further comment - the range of requested features for this plugin is vast, and I need to be careful to avoid making it so complex that it becomes too hard to use.

    If you look at the plugin settings for the event calendar, I think that you will see that it is already bumping against this limit.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Yeah, I think moderation should be a standard group feature. Looking forward to that plug-in of yours! (",)

    With regards to the appointment, I think it's just a matter of application. Sometimes, just by modifying the language to reflect a different field name or system message can create a different experience for the user. Just my 2 cents worth. (",)