Failed plugin installation

Dear Izap:

I tried installing your plugin on my 1.5 installation and it worked like a charm till I logged out and tried to log back in again.

For reasons that are beyond me to determine, it iteracted with my front page in some way that put a piece of front-side panel content in the middle of the front page - just over where it wanted to put the widgit showing what new videos were saved to the site.

When that happened, It would go off into Google-Analytics land and the front page would freeze up to fast for me to log in again.

So I deleted the plugin and got back in again. The problem is that now when I try to REINSTALL the iZAP plugin, all the crud that was created by the failed installation (dead DB lrecords) is still there &I can't clear the cache.

Crontrigger is supposedly running cleanup when users log off and on, but the garbage collection isn't robust enought to clean the failed installation our of the DB.

Got any suggestions for how I can clean the failed iZap artifacts out and start over?

Thanks a bunch.

Bob Blomeyer (BobBl)

  • I solved the uninstall problem. My sysadmin hooked up a crontab for Elgg and it did garbage collection overnight. I should have done it long ago.

    I'd love to try installing iZap again, but I haven' gotten my courage up to try again yet.  When Elgg crashed all my students who were using it thought it was THEIR FAULT. :-)


  • You should have a duplicate site which you test plugins on before yo install on a live site!